Google Adwords Management

PPC Service Expectations

Increased Quality Traffic: At MagneticPPC, our focus is not on clicks or visitors. Our goal is to deliver high quality leads that convert into profitable customers. With the help of Google analytics, you are provided with an intuitive, easy-to-understand platform for discovering visitor trends, which allows you and your account manager to make real-time adjustments that will increase visitor engagement and ratio of leads per site visit.


Top Performing Keywords: It’s not just understanding the key words that are generating quality traffic, but also understanding what words generate new customers. MagneticPPC will discover which terms actually turned searchers into customers.


Ad Copy Effectiveness: Your ad copy is important for driving visitors. MagneticPPC’ expertise in writing concise and compelling ad copy will drive more qualified leads to your site.  Unlike most PPC campaigns, we are consistently deploying testing (split and multivariate) on your ads ensuring the top performing ads are displayed the most.


Web Analytics: MagneticPPC uses the Google Analytic platform to graphically display data such as visitors, page views, and keywords. The data is displayed in a dashboard view so you can make informed decisions about site content, promotional offers and any adjustments that may be needed to keyword portfolios.


Leads Management:  MagneticPPC’ enhanced lead tracking capabilities will allow you to perform a detailed review of all leads generated. MagneticPPC can, in most cases, track back to the keyword that triggered a particular call to action.  The feedback you provide us on the quality of the leads combined with the data from the web analytics, allows us to refine the advertising so that it is focused on those keywords that become new business.


Master Reporting: MagneticPPC Provides a master reporting platform so that you can easily get a summary of traffic, leads, conversion rates, and spends across all of the accounts. This view also provides a high level summary of each individual account.


PPC Activity Expectations

Account Setup, Market Research & Strategy

During the account set up, we begin to build your campaign.  We first ensure all required accounts are created, and that the landing page strategy is completed and sufficient to meet the demands of the networks.  Keyword research begins and ad groups and ads are created.  Ads are tested against customer spends and all necessary testing is completed to launch the campaign.

Competitive Research

  • What keyword searches are the most relevant to your business?
  • Which of your competitors are showing up for the terms you want?
  • How are they doing it?
  • What other words are your competitors using?
  • What other marketing strategies they are employing?

Online Advertising Campaign Typically includes:

  • Advertising for all lines of business and categories of search terms
  • High end marketing campaign that demonstrates a clear understanding of YOUR market, their needs, how they search and what works with them.
  • Creation and/or enhancements to the specific website pages required to support the campaign.

Monthly Management

On an ongoing basis, MagneticPPC will monitor and analyse your account activity, and make the necessary adjustments to keywords, keyword budgets, ad testing and performance as appropriate to your campaign goals.

Professional PPC Management

  • Dedicated Account Executive that is committed to studying and understanding your business model, your target market and your marketing goals.
  • Optimization – with our management, your campaign will be optimized to deliver the most customers for your advertising dollars.
  • ROI based Campaigns – We partner with you in making sure your campaigns support your business and marketing goals.
  • Ongoing Testing to develop marketing messages & new ideas and to refine the conversion process on your website.
  • Unlike many of our PPC competitors – You own your campaign. If you decide to discontinue our service, you take your campaign with you.

PPC Result Expectations

You should expect a positive return on your investment immediately.  It should be expected that this program will result in result in greater profit than the budget spent, or the campaign is considered a failure.  We will not accept a campaign if we feel we cannot demonstrate a positive ROI.